We intend to make the Internet a dark dark place. If you like darkness, install Dark Night Mode Chrome extension and join the revolution.

It is the best way to protect your eyes from the strain of a bright white screen at night.


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Opensource software
New Algorithm

We do NOT invert colors
like most other plugins do

Thank you for installing Dark Night Mode!

We hope you are enjoying this dark experience. Let's join hands and start a revolution to make the entire internet dark! Please share and support us so that we can keep improving this plugin.


What is it?

Dark Night Mode is a Free Open Source Software which makes all the websites you browse into dark/night mode so that you can browse the internet without straining your eyes. It is an extremely useful chrome extension for those who use internet especially at night.


Auto mode

Most people prefer normal mode during the day and night mode at night, so if you set our plugin to auto mode, it will automatically toggle to dark mode at night and to normal mode during the day.

Preserve Colors

Unlike existing solutions, our algorithm do not destroy the colors of the websitesby either inverting it or changing it into black and white. Instead, our plugin intelligently darkens each color by varying intensity so that the original colors of the site are preserved.

Spin the knob
for no reason

Brightness Adjuster

Our plugin has a simple brightness adjusting option which is capable of reducing the brightness of your display beyond what your computer normally allows.

Save battery

Low brightness is not only good for your eyes, but also conserves electricity, thus prolonging your battery life.

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Need night owl developers

Our algorithm is resonably good, but it is not perfect, so we use customized dark styled css files for many popular websites. We need your help in increasing the number of sites we can natively support using css files. You can contribute by making dark themes for popular websites.

Dark Night Mode
Normal Mode

Dark Night Mode

Dark Night Mode is a free and opensource Google chrome extension which auto-magically adds dark mode or night mode to all the websites you visit. This is incredibly useful as it significantly lowers the eye strain caused by bright white websites at night.

Currently, this extension works only on the desktop version of Google chrome, so we have not yet given much thought about the mobile version of this website. Visit this website from a desktop(or laptop) to see the full content. Below is a summary of what this extension does.

Unlike other extensions, we do NOT use the color-inversion technique to make websites dark, instead we use a totally new algorithm to change colors in real-time. We also natively support about hundred most popular websites.

We natively support about hundred most popular websites with dark css stylesheet as well to give them a more optimized looks

There is also options to change the brightness of the display beyond what is allowed by your computer so that you can browse by dimming your screen.

You can learn more here